Sunday, June 11, 2006

Just who would you not kick out of bed....

After being egged on by the wonderful Stroppybird and the fact it is a Sunday and I am also in kinda frivolous mood, we thought that as have done posts on shooting, sex and religion (not strictly in that order..) and it seems to bring the punters in. We decided to ask you lovely commenters about who you would and would not kick out of bed in the morning (well, it is a Sunday afternoon and maybe you still are in bed..)

Anyway, I will kick off with my list (remember this isn't po-faced seriousness)

Who I would kick out of bed

Jude Law (pretty boy and no talent)
Brad Pitt (just soooo brainless)
Hugh Grant (cos he is witless)
Chris Martin (isn't it obvious)
Guy Ritchie (what does Madonna see in him?)

Who I would not kick out of bed

Madonna (cos she is fantastic)
Gael Garcia Bernal (..gorgeous)
Antonio Banderas (pre- Hollywood years mind you)
Susan Sarandon (sexy)
Vincent D'onofrio ("weirdly attractive")

Please feel free to rip the list to shreads and even put your own forward