Thursday, June 22, 2006

An interesting comment on Megan's law

Just to draw attention to a thought provoking non hysterical piece by Peter Tatchell, on Megan's Law , over at 'comment is free'.

Never one to shy away from debate he also bothers to engage in with the comments , which doesn't often happen over there.

More thoughtful rational debate is needed in this area. Laws made in a media led panic, to show 'toughness', rarely make good laws.

Another comment on the issue worth looking at is from the government-appointed children's commissioner Sir Al Aynsley-Green. I have heard him speak and found him an impassioned believer in children's rights . He also spends time listening to children rather than demonising them. Given the choice between taking on board the views of the News of the World or Sir Al I know who I would listen to. I just hope the Government , when formulating ways to protect children, does not go for the quick popularist response.