Friday, June 30, 2006

Ruth Kelly: just carries on digging that enormous hole

Ruth Kelly, what are you like?

First you make stupid ambiguous statements about lesbian and gay rights, then you refuse an interview with Pink Paper and now the latest is that you have snubbed Saturday's EuroPride. Bloody hell, they have even been successful in roping in a Tory and a Lib Dem but hark, no comment cometh from inside the Labour Party or Ms Kelly's department.

A spokesperson for Ruthie babe said that she has other commitments such as attending Labour Party's national policy forum on Saturday. I mean, you couldn't just do a bit of multitasking and attend both of the events, even briefly, could ya. No, because you don't want to upset Opus Dei, do you? Ruth, you don't seem to give a damn that you are pissing off lesbians and gay men.

Just who does Ruth Kelly really represent?

In the words (briefly changed) of The Beat: "Stand down Ruth, Stand Down"!!