Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Thames Water: the realities of privatisation

I have no water. Thanks to Thames Water. Nobody in my road has water. Thanks to Thames Water. It is one of the hottest days of the year and there is no drinking water. Thanks to Thames Water.

Thames Water loses 894 million litres of water each day and has promised an investment plan which would improve the 'security of supply of drinking water' and stem the leaks. But also bear in mind that Thames increased prices by 24% while failing to deliver improvementts. Thames also racked up £346.5 million in profit. This amounts to a 31.5% increase from last year.

Well, I am sure the share holders get nice bottled water and lots of bubbly when they attend their meetings. Unlike me and others living in the road who may get access to a bottle of very warm mineral water and lots of excuses thrown in for good measure (I was told by a customer service adviser that the water may be back by 11pm....!).

And now we have drought conditions along with leaking water supplies. I can't wait to have a shower.....