Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Why I will vote Walter .

It seems the Blairites may be getting a bit twitchy as they can see the likelihood of an 'orderly' transition ( democracy, debate, don't be silly this is New labour) slipping away.

First I read about Jacqui Smith and the yellow card . Dave Osler points out :

"Presumably, a suspended MP would be ineligible to stand in leadership and deputy leadership contests. Message to comrades McDonnell and Simpson. Watch your backs."

I then read in The Independent that MPs are writing to their constituency members urging them not to vote for Walter Wolfgang :

"On-message backbench MPs have been instructed to sign a "dummy" letter to Labour activists in their constituency, urging them to vote against Wolfgang in this month's election.
......Sources close to Wolfgang say the letter has already been signed, sealed, and delivered by a number of MPs.
"It's not fair, and could seriously damage Walters chances," I'm told. "Pathetic though it seems, No 10 is wetting its pants at the idea of Walter saying hello to Tony at a monthly NEC meeting."

I have looked at the list of candidates for the NEC . I accept there are arguments against voting for him being put forward and reservations being expressed.

But I will be voting for Wolfgang.

Dave says :

"Sure, I have got reservations about his politics. Deep reservations. But symbolism is important, and it would be sending the right message to Blair and Co if he topped the poll."

It would send the right message but it would also annoy and piss off Blair big time, and who could pass by that opportunity.