Sunday, October 15, 2006

Debbie Harry: uber cool and still going strong...

Blondie played a gig this weekend at the punk venue CGGB which is closing. The club launched bands like the Ramones, Talking Heads and Patti Smith. It is also a good excuse for me to post something about Debbie Harry. She was more New Wave than punk and I remember that period better than punk. Blondie was one my favourite bands while I was growing up.

I still think she looks so uber cool on the front of the classic Parallel Lines (my vinyl copy has long since been pinched…. Remember; don’t trust lefties with your record collection!). And being a watcher of the old Top of the Pops, she had those sexy pouty lips, gorgeous kohl eyes, bed head look, and punky, stylish dress sense. Oh yeah, fantastic voice as well. The overall image was that there was something sexy but dirty about Ms Harry. But she had brains as well and therefore no dumb broad.

I am getting all reminiscent as I am flipping through my 1987 Spare Rib Diary (oh those were days), which was devoted to women in the music industry, there’s a fab pic of Debbie Harry at the height of Blondie with Poly Styrene from X-ray Specs (Oh bondage, up yours) on the back. There was definitely something sparky, strong and sexy about women back then.

Think I will listen to my greatest hits CD (not been pinched as yet!) just to listen my favourites Hanging on the Telephone, Sunday Girl, Heart of Glass and Picture This.

They just don’t make ‘em like they used do!