Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Pick of the posts...

Last week it was Thursday, this week Wednesday, next week I probably can't be arsed.

Anyway , some posts or blogs that caught my eye this week.

First off some good posts on the whole 'Veil' debate . Scribbles at DSTFW looks at the issue from a feminist perspective rather than the nonsense talked by the likes of Galloway. Disrobing, hmmm. Exaggeration, don't think Straw said get your tits out love or please disrobe and I'll pretend to be a cat ...

Other good posts on the subject include Janine , David Broder and the Shiraz Socialists , including the 'delectable' ( or so I have been told) Jim Denham. Jim4Leader...

Talking of Jims, the modest taffeta'ed one has been explaining the differences between, and uses of as an insult, the words wanker and tosser. Almost choked on my tea and digestives.

Kit is organising drinkies for lefty bloggies . Sounds good.

Check out Sappho . Life in the US as seen by a lefty feminist stroppy chick ! Always welcome in the comments here.

Last but not least, check out Dave's post on the state of the left. One of the few on the left who hasn't lost the plot.