Monday, October 02, 2006

Same old Tories...

Cameron started off the conference with his usual spin and no substance...

"let sunshine win the day".

Pass the sick bag !

Then the Tories touchy feely mask slipped to show their prejudice and general nastiness.
Of course New Labour isn't immune to this either .

At a fringe meeting the little toe rag that is George Osborne is reported as saying :

He said Mr Brown lacked personal skills and, in a light hearted exchange, seemed to suggest his rival could be faintly autistic.
The comments came as Mr Osborne was talking about his own childhood, saying his brothers had nicknamed him "Knowledge" because he knew so many facts.
The journalist interviewing him at the event organised by the Policy Exchange and IPPR think tanks interjected that he might have been "faintly autistic".
Mr Osborne quipped: "We're not getting onto Gordon Brown yet."

Mr Osborne later denied suggesting Mr Brown was autistic when interviewed by Sky News.
The Tatton MP said: "I didn't say that actually." He added: "I was asked if I was slightly autistic." He said he had been "merely" moving the conversation on.

I suspect Brown will be undermined by both Blairites and the Tories on the grounds of his 'psychologically flawed' personality. Autism and aspergers are not 'flaws' . If Brown is an aspie its telling of this society that he has to hide it. So what, its not a bad thing. Why can't leadership contenders be aspies, be gay , be single parents, have had drink problems,not be cosy family men and women (though of course none are women). I don't like his politics , but as I have said before, give me a dour aspie Scotsman any day over Cameron and his lightweight PR friendly personality .