Saturday, September 30, 2006

Pro-Choice Week of action: 23 - 29 October 2006


*It’s time the pro-choice majority was heard! **

Pro-choice week of action: 23 – 29 October 2006*

Abortion Rights is launching a national ‘*pro-choice week* of action’ to raise awareness and encourage people to lobby their MP to defend the abortion time limit.

The week, which marks the anniversary of the 1967 Abortion Act, will become an annual focus point for campaigning.

* **Get involved!*

* *Lobby your MP*: write*

*a lobbying postcard to or meet your MP

* *Show a film*: Vera Drake, The last abortion clinic in Mississippi, Speak Out: I had an abortion - (available from the Abortion Rights office)**

* *Organise an information stall* - (materials available from the office)**

* *Organise a speaker meeting*

* *Stage an awareness-raising stunt *

* *Contact your local press

**Everyone can make a difference:**

* Add your support - *join* Abortion Rights and get your group to affiliate

*Send a *lobbying* *postcard* or e-postcard to your MP

* Help break the taboo and *wear a pro-choice sticker* during the week

* Sign up for pro-choice *e-action alerts* on our website

Contact Abortion Rights