Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Lap-Dancing club for Laydeez

Back to the frivolous posts. Can I hear a sigh of relief at the back?

My old childhood stomping ground, Birmingham is known as the “lap- dancing capital of the UK". And here’s me thinking it was chiefly remembered as the city, which spawned Ozzie Osbourne and Black Sabbath.

Well, it has set up a lap-dancing club for straight women called Tricky Dicky’s (oh, such a corny name). One snag, is that the club isn’t making the same kind of money lap- dancing clubs for men makes, as women aren’t spending the money. Men visit lap-dancing clubs alone while women, it seems, go with a gang of mates. One lap dancer said she was surprised how many men bought into the fantasy. Women, according to the owner of this new club, just go for a laugh. One woman was so disappointed with the experience that she would have preferred to have spent the money on a manicure. Us women... our standards are just too high.

One Talking Head from the Institute of Sexuality and Human Relations states that women are unlikely to be turned on just by watching as women are interested in attention, protection and humour than physical attributes”…

Protection? Me Tarzan, you Jane rubbish. Get real! Sorry, but I am callow, shallow and a voyeur …. with a good sense of humour. But isn’t it great, Ladies, that some bloody man is making assumptions about what turns us women on….

I think the Stroppy One and myself should take a trip up to Birmingham and visit the said club. It is for research purposes I’ll have you to know.

So… to all you lovely women out there, is this Talking Head correct? Blokes can of course comment as well.

Thanks to the F Word blog