Sunday, September 17, 2006

Stroppyblog redesign

Well if Osler can have a flash new design so can we. As he did such a great design for Dave our virtual mate Will is going to do the honours .

Any suggestions for the design ? In particular what picture/graphic would be good for the masthead ?

Dave has suggested that we have a byline of 'leftie chicks talk dirty'. Well as we are not a serious political blog liked by Tories then what the hell !!

Oh and thanks Kit for questioning why we weren't on the 100 best Labour/leftie list.
If anyone wants to cheer us up for being left out (reminds me of not getting picked for teams at school) then pop over to Daves' site and vote for us.
Not that I am competitive ...

update: pic of a cat in a suit for Mr Anderson who has requested a pic of us in catsuits for the masthead.