Sunday, September 10, 2006

Rather worrying link...

I find it interesting to see what links and searches bring people to Stroppyblog. We certainty get some strange and 'interesting' ones. It has also been said by a prominent CPGB member that we 'get some strange men on this site '.

Regular readers will know we at Stroppyblog cannot stand James Blunt. I added him to a list of people to be shot come the revolution .
Given this I was quite surprised, even disturbed, to notice this blog is linked to ... A James Blunt fan site !!!! There on the stats was a referral from

And who is to blame for this ? Louise. Its her post
that has caught there attention.

So as well as weird leftie men , Dr Who and Eastenders fans , we could have visitors here who like James Blunt. Arghhh....