Thursday, September 07, 2006

For those who can't handle real stroppy women...

The post below attracted some 'disgusted of Stoke Newington ' types (yep, our old 'mate' Paddy the Puritan and some of his virtual allies).

So this post is for all those men who can't handle women who are stroppy, who don't want to lie back and think of the revolution and fake it. I suggest they invest in a blow up doll. It doesn't argue back and you can just 'do' things to it. No hassle. You could also pretend it finds what you say fascinating.

If you do a google search there seems to be quite a lot of demand for this. Some quite specialist markets as well. Not found an Yvonne Ridley one though. Looks like you are on your own there Paddy :-)

Right, how long before Paddy pops over and gets all offended. Then comes back , to get offended again, telling us this is not a porn site. The spirit of Mary Whitehouse is alive and well on the left...