Sunday, September 03, 2006

Domestic goddesses...

I noticed an item on the BBC News site about schools teaching children to cook.

It states :

All schoolchildren are to be offered cooking lessons - from baking cakes to making spaghetti bolognese.
It forms part of a government scheme to get children to improve both their diet and culinary skills, and will be formally launched on Monday.
Under the plan there will be 24 one- hour classes for 11 to 16-year-olds and once completed children will receive a 'licence to cook' certificate.

This could be a good idea if it gives the basics of nutrition and cooking without 'lecturing'.

Thinking about it I could probably do with it . Domestic goddess I am not ;-)
I do remember cookery lessons at school but it does not seem to have held me in good stead. My memory is of making cheese straws. Never had a desire to make those again.
My mother never taught me how to cook either. She is not the most maternal or domestic and her view was if I was quietly reading in my bedroom, not causing any mayhem, then best leave me be. So my childhood was spent in my room and not being taught the skills to cook , clean or do anything practical at all.

Consequently I am a menace in the kitchen or doing anything practical. I own one saucepan (I had a second but burnt it ). Dave was horrified that I did not have a potato peeler and laughed that I did not know what the salad spinner in his kitchen was. I have never had or been to a dinner party (my idea of hell, I would only get drunk and say something, or do something, outrageous).

I get easily bored and let things burn, don't follow recipes and 'improvise', don't know how to measure out the right amounts, throw matches at hobs ( I don't like matches) leaving a trail of dead ones all over the place, create a mess and generally lose interest. Oh and I once almost killed Dave by leaving the gas on (and switching on the light) over night.

Apparently my 'signature' dish is grilled halloumi and pittas ;-)

So I wonder if they could devise a specialist cookery course for me. How not to burn down the kitchen or gas your partner ;-)

Somehow I think I am a lost cause. I don't think I will ever be domesticated , can't see me swapping fishnets for a apron. I think I will always be more Courtney Love than Nigella Lawson ...