Friday, August 25, 2006

Plan B: morning-after pill

Good news for pro-choice supporters as on Channel 4 news tonight it was reported that Barr Pharmaceuticals Inc. won U.S. approval to sell the "morning-after pill" Plan B (Levonorgestrel) over the counter without a prescription. Pro-choice organisations such as Planned Parenthood welcome the move.Before that it was only available on prescription. It was originally approved by the F.D.A in July 1999. It will be available to women 18 years and over. Under 17 year olds will have to get it by prescription only. In the UK, Levonelle ("morning-after pill") has been available over the counter since 2000 to women 16 years and over.

Even anti-union reactionary ratbags Wal-Mart have decided to sell it (they originally opposed it) but have stated that pharmacists have a right to refuse to sell it and are keeping their "conscientious objection" policy in place. Oh c'mon, when you work as a pharmacist surely it should occur to you that your job will include administering contraceptives and that includes the "morning-after" pill. I kinda want to say, "get a life" but they're probably already a member.

What I do find utterly objectionable is that women have to pay for emergency contraception. In the UK it is free on prescription but if it is a weekend or holidays etc. and you can't get to the doctors, then you have to fork out £25.

It should be free and easily accessible.