Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The times are a-changed....

If Bob Dylan is being “curmudgeonly” then so am I. He’s complaining about modern recording technologies and that his new album sounds better in the studio than on CD. And he argues that no one should complain about people downloading “atrocious” music for free.

“We all like records played on record players, but let’s face it, those days are gone”.

I buy CDs but I miss having a record player and buying vinyl. You know, taking great care of removing the record out of its sleeve (checking for scratches) and placing it delicately on the record player. Placing the needle on the groove and voila …music. You don’t get the same buzz flipping on a CD and pressing play. Well, I don’t.

When I left home I couldn’t take my record player with me though I never replaced it and went with the herd and bought CD players instead. Vinyl collections may clog up your space but they have history and memories (lyrics either inside the sleeve or on the back and different colour vinyl) which are better than those square artless plastic cases for your CDs, which for me have a habit of breaking. And contrary to belief CDs get scratched and knackered pretty quickly.

And more importantly, is the quality better on CD or vinyl? I always thought vinyl but I am sure there are differences of opinions out there.

I miss vinyl and record players. And I remember buying my stylus as it was always packaged in a quaint little glass box. You just don’t see that now or do you?