Sunday, August 20, 2006

Something vapid to fill the Big Brother void....

Over at Daily(maybe) the Stroppy One asked Jim how he was going to fill those empty hours now Big Brother has finished and he replied... "I know I know - I'll have to find something equally vapid to fill my time, sigh".

Now as a watcher of "god-damn awful" telly (really, I watch some dross and should really win a prize!), I can really, really emphathise with you Jim.

All I will say is The X Factor (can't be arsed with the link just go to ITV) has returned to a Saturday night and it is repeated on a Sunday (I just finished watching it as I have a cold..... that's my excuse, alrighty!!).

It is dross, vapid, tacky, shallow and callow shite telly at its best (therefore I'll be rooted to the spot). I can't sing a note and probably would break glass at any distance and I'd have an ASBO slapped on me by the neighbours but I don't pretend I can sing. So maybe it is a case of schadenfreude as I do snigger (sorry... I admit it) when some poor sod, who thinks they are the next Will Young or the Shayne What's-His-Name... Ward who won the last one, warbles some Justin Timberlake hit in an out-of tune-style but who thinks they rock at singing 'cos they have been told they can sing by their gran. Then one of the judges puts the boot in with the usual humiliation and put-downs. Oh the hubris, Oh the humanity and oh my poor ears.

Maybe I am boardering on the Evil Bastard territory but why do they bother to go on except for a Warholian 15-mins. worth of fame? And then the presenter, Kate "not as good as Ant and Dec" Thornton will commiserate and counsel them with the "take no notice of Nasty Simon Cowell" speech (Bad Cop while Good Cop Sharon Osbourne will give them a cuddle and go all mumsy and Louis Walsh is, well both Good and Bad Cop though please note he is the Bastard who brought us Boyzone....) and that they should persevere with their dream or some other load of bollocks.

No, good advice would be..... take singing lessons!!! Yep, I'm boardering on the Evil Bastard. I blame this cold....