Wednesday, August 16, 2006

An apology....

I feel the need to make a public statement re one of Stroppyblogs favourite bloggers, Voltaires_Priest.

Over the last month I may have said certain things which may have given a slightly strange impression of VP.

So to put that right I am stating that :

VP is not Jim Denham's girlfriend. ( btw I did not think this one up)

VP is not a 50 year old woman with a blue rinse who keeps poodle's. (while I am at it I better state that neither is Will).

VP does not have a shrine to Yvonne Ridley in his home. Nor does he have a life size cardboard cut out of her . He is not obsessed with her at all.

VP is a he not a she.

I admit it, I have a very disturbed overactive imagination and need to get out more :-)