Tuesday, August 08, 2006

WTF ....

I was on a bus in Brighton today. Now I love Brighton but there are far to many people who have very woolly views and talk crap. I am sorry but crystals won't cure cancer or solve the middle east crisis. Nor will eating muesli or doing hot yoga.

Anyway , back to the bus. Most of the children in Brighton seem to be called Jack, Tom or Chloe . Now if I saw certain names were popular every year I wouldn't damm well name my child it. I do sometimes feel tempted to shout Jack and see how many kids turn around.

The other options are hippie dippy names.

Anyway, what was the point of this post. Yep, the bus. These woolly headed liberal crystal owning muesli eating fuckwits, on the bus, had called their child 'chakra'. Arghhh. I thought I misheard until they said it again.

Oh I suppose it could have been worse. 'yes darling, shall we call the little one Hezbollah ...'

I really wanted to slap them.

Oh for those who don't know what a Chakra is, and you are not missing anything, see here .