Friday, August 04, 2006

Forever Changes....

Back in 2002 I saw two artists play their classic albums live on stage. Brian Wilson played 'Pet Sounds' for the first time on stage in many years. Brian was the genius behind the Beach Boys but hated touring and spent many years as a recluse. It was great to see him play live, and enjoy it. He is a perfectionist and played Pet Sounds as though he was in the studio.

A few months later I saw Arthur Lee at the Concorde 2 in Brighton. He had recently got out of prison and was mainly playing the tracks from 'Forever Changes', another classic. It was a small venue and the difference between him and Brian was illustrated in their performances. Where Brian was concerned at replicating the sound of the album , note perfect, Arthur was passionate and reinterpreted his album. Both troubled individuals, yet Arthur was freerer and full of energy. It was one of the best gigs I have been to.

Today Arthur died at the age of 61. I am glad I had the chance to see him play live.

Check out the albums by Love. Better than bloody Dido and James Blunt.