Friday, August 11, 2006

MLBs and the politics of oppression.

I am so fed up with arguing with male leftie bloggers about the following :

- the way that the oppression of women and LGBT people are not seen as important issues, hence sections of the left ignoring the repressive views of some of the so-called 'resistance' in Iraq and Lebanon. This also includes the killing of trade unionists, surely an issue at the heart of left politics.

- the support for theocratic groups who would not want a secular state that allows all to choose how to live their lives and whether to believe and practice a religion. Sorry, we are not all Hezbollah !! But hey, I'm just a CIA whore mouthpiece for Bush !!

-being told that the rights of women , LGBT people and other groups can be sorted afterwards , but fighting Bush is more important. Well sorry, but replacing one repressive regime with another is not my idea of socialism. Afterwards is just to late and by then the left will move on to its next issue.

Anyway, just wanted to highlight some recent posts from MLBs that seem to take on board these issues and also , rare at the moment for the left, have some critical thinking behind them.
Oh and not forgetting Tatchell's site and Iraqi LGBT for consistently highlighting the issues and being a thorn in the side of the left on this.

I am not getting sectarian here and supporting any particular groups or blogs, I am saying these individual posts are good for questioning the issues. I will criticise or praise where I see fit, whatever group that may be and I reserve most of my criticism, as regulars know, for my own Party.

Oh but saying that, special thanks to Voltaires_Priest , from Shiraz Socialists, who has declared in his post :

I therefore proclaim myself, Stroppy and Dave Osler as the "true leaders" of Papua New Guinea. Congratulations, folks.

But just want to add they will be my assistants !
Oh and I have won the 'prize' of a night out in a brummie real ale pub with VP and Jim Denham. I have demanded JD though, urghhh real ale ! Does that mean they have beards and wear corduroy ? Not that I am one to stereotype :-) And, Osler take note, I have been promised as regards JD:

You may drink what you like, regardless of the edicts of the tyrannical Osler :D (Voltaires_Priest)

Anyway, come on MLBs, tell me as a woman that I have missed the point, how great the left is , that I am a diversion from the class struggle ....