Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sloppy journalism...

I have posted here before about the misrepresentation of autism and aspergers in the media . So it was with interest I read about a new film ,' Snow cake', which is covering this issue and features a woman who is on the autistic spectrum. I was then dismayed to see the Independent state :

Dustin Hoffman's memorable performance in Rain Man 18 years ago has long been seen as the definitive film representation of autism. To those who knew nothing of the learning disability, it was a revelation to discover that some sufferers, like Hoffman's character, Raymond, could demonstrate the most astonishing feats of memory

Sloppy journalism. A little research would have shown it is not a learning disability . It is a 'developmental disorder'. Now I would also argue against it being a disorder at all, but in terms of 'diagnosis' that's what the official term is. I would argue for the concept of neurodiversity (see my original post on this). It is a spectrum and many are highly intelligent. Also the bloody word 'sufferers' !! Arghhh.

Sorry but when much of the population is pretty ignorant on these issues I find this sort of journalism annoying . I could also rant about how mental health is portrayed, another misrepresentation,but I would be here all day on that !

I will be interested to see the film and see how the character is portrayed. It would be good to see the positives for a change, because there are lots with aspies :-)