Thursday, August 24, 2006

30 years since the Grunwick strike - commemoration 17th September 2006

An event to commemorate 30 years since the Grunwick Strike (1976-1978) will take place on Sunday 17th September 2006 at the Tricycle Theatre, organised by Brent Trades Union Council.

11am-5pm, Tricycle Theatre, 269 High Road, Kilburn, London NW6 7JR

Tickets must be bought in advance: £7

Speakers include: Jack Dromey (T&GWU), Arthur Scargill, Jayaben Desai (leading Grunwick striker), Amrit Wilson (writer on Asian women in Britain), Derek Walsh (London organiser of the Postal Workers Union during the strike)

Films: 'Stand Together' and 'Look back at Grunwick' by the Newsreel Collective.

More information on website.
I am hoping to go and maybe see some of you "virtual" people there. I am really interested in listening to Amrit Wilson speak as she wrote the outstanding book, "Finding a Voice" and also Jayaben Desai.