Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Darnation: I aint no lady...

You Are 12% Lady

You're a pretty crass, and even a bit crude on occasion.Manners don't matter to you, but they sure matter to those around you. ...... Yes and I am feminist as well!

Crass? Moi? Yes. And yes.

Well, I can tell dirty jokes but don’t expect me to tell any ‘cos I don’t know any good ones (give me a couple of hours though) Thankfully, I don’t blush or go over all faint like a Victorian lady with a too tight corset. Manners? Bit bourgeois for me.

But there are times, in the words of the Great Dorothy Parker,that I too wish, alas, I could drink like a lady. "I can take one or two at the most / Three and I'm under the table / Four and I'm under the host.”

Frankly I am a cross between a chick and a broad.

Thanks to Belledame222 who, incidentially, scored 16%. As Tom Jones warbled, "She's a lady"!