Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Shock! Horror! CND disreputable.....

I have been reading with interest the reports from TUC conference on Jon Roger’s blog and one which has really caught my eye was, “TUC set to oppose trident replacement”. It wasn’t the report but it was the comment from Bloggers4labour. They describe CND as “disreputable”… Hang on, CND disreputable!! I had to do a double take as I really believed for a minute my eyes were playing tricks.

Oh and Bloggers4labour argue that, “any enemy of Bush and Blair is not a friend of Unison”!

Does that include T&G union activists too ‘cos I aint standing shoulder to shoulder with a bunch of warmongers. Obviously neo-con pro-imperialists who dabble in war aren’t disreputable in the least, are they Bloggers4labour??????