Friday, September 29, 2006

"He spent life picking himself up"

Will found this obit whilst spending to much time on the internet eating pringles and planning to buy a pitbull. Yep Will and a pitbull . Scary yet somehow a match made in heaven.

Anyway back to the point. This obit is of a man who was killed in a car accident. But that was only the end of a long line of accidents throughout his life. I must admit after the tenth one I think I would have stayed in bed and never left it again.

His sister said, with much understatement ..."He was kinda accident-prone"

It is very tragic and essential reading for those who are feeling a tad fed up with life.
It is so unlucky that it is tempting to laugh .
Seriously though it was one crap sad life. But also a life of someone who never gave up whatever was thrown at them. Ok, I will not laugh , bad stroppy.


I mistakenly said Will was getting a rottie, but its a pitbull. So blog amended and pic changed. Now why can't he ask that nice Mr Denham if he can have one of his poodles...