Sunday, October 01, 2006

WebCameron...he's just like us really .

Couldn't resist, sneaked a look. Watched two clips where he seemed to say the same thing ... hello to his site and then talk about clean politics. The clips had him in his kitchen. In one he was washing up ('clean' politics, washing up, its not subtle !). At one point one of his kids kept screeching in the background, probably being poked with a stick to cry, to give that authentic 'family' ambiance. They ran in, on cue, and he did his 'dad' bit.

In the other clip his wife is sitting at a table and they seem to be eating. Again he potters around clearing plates, talking to the kids and extolling his vision of 'clean' politics.

Its pretty nauseating. Hey look I'm just like you. A nice upper class white family man in a big house in Notting Hill. It may be an updated version of Tory family values but Tory family values it still is. Nice heterosexual family. Sharing caring dad getting in touch with the kids. An air of informality , hey I'm new to this blogging lark.
Its perhaps not as clumsy as Brown declaring he liked the Arctic Monkeys or Hague with his back to front baseball cap, but still as false and full of spin.

Although I do not like his politics, its still New Labour, personality wise I would much rather the awkward dour and 'psychologically flawed' Brown over the flash spin of Cameron.

Oh for Spitting Image .