Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Sheridan soap opera continues...

It seems that Sheridan may have been caught out 'confessing' on a tape that is now in the hands of the News of the World.

On this tape, if it is genuine , he admits he visited 'Cupids'. There is some discussion as to whether he should have come clean when faced with the allegations by the NOTW. His response :

So I say to Alan and Keith that, as far as I’m concerned, what I want to do is to face it down. I think they’ve got f *** all on me. I think if they had anything on me they’d have used it long before now because they’re worried about the photographs, they’re worried about the video tapes.

I ask, eh, I ask Alan and Keith to give me the opportunity to see it down and I say to them "I guarantee you if I am presented with incontrovertible evidence - video tapes, CCTV, something of that character, I’ll put my hand up and say I’m sorry, sorry to the party, sorry to my wife, sorry to my family and I’ll walk away. I’ll walk away. But I’m no’ prepared to give in to f ***** g bullying because that’s what the News of the World, in my opinion, is doing right now - f ***** g bullying. They have been told it’s me but they can’t prove it

They (SSP Comrades) said to me we think you should just own up here and now. I said well fine I appreciate that’s what you think and that’s great. Some of you might deal with that in your personal lives, I’m dealing with it differently. I have the right to deal with it differently and I’m no’ going to impose on you how to deal with things in your personal life either. Fine.

A while back I posted on this issue and my views are the same .

There have been many blog discussions on Sheridan and the SSP . People have taken sides and there has been the usual sectarianism and point scoring. My view is that Tommy should have said to the News of the World "its my business not yours." The Party should have backed him. If there were people who wanted rid of him as leader then it should have been open and based on his politics, not what he does in bed and with whom.

An argument may have been made that Sheridan would have damaged the Party through scandal. I think more damage has been done through denial than facing it down (if true) would have. It has made the left in Scotland look like a soap opera, compounded by follow up daytime TV appearances by the Sheridans.

The victory against the News of the World was cheered. No socialist would want them to win, but its a pretty hollow victory if it all turns out to be based on lies.
The left then looks like liars and hypocrites . A successful left movement is split and the establishment have the last laugh. Cue more in fighting.

Update: Tommy says the tape is a fake.