Sunday, October 01, 2006

Deconstructing Kylie: I should be so lucky!

We at Team Stroppyblog know that Kit is a bit of Kylie fan. But only for musical and lyrical purposes, mind you, and nothing else... So to help Kit out, I have attempted to give an overview of the lyrics of "I Should be So Lucky, Lucky, Lucky". In order to deconstruct these lyrics I am using a marxist and feminist analysis.

Kylie expresses how alienated she is from her real existence when she sings, "In my imagination/There is no complication/I dream about you all time". She desperately needs this patriarchal figure to liberate her but this throws up so many contradictions for her as she opines, "It's a crazy situation/You always keep me waiting/Because its only make believe/And I would come a-running". This leads to tension and conflict which also exposes the underlying power relationships within this patriarchal capitalist society as on a micro level it reflects her own powerlessness. Her final lament includes, "The fantasy that you'll be mine/I'm dreaming/That you're in love with me/Like I'm in love with you/But dreaming's all I do/If only they'd come true".

Ms Feminista's "agony aunt" advice: Kylie, go tell him to take a running jump!

There is also the point that Stock, Aitken and Waterman were able to liberate people from their hard earned cash to make this pap a money spinner and of course there is the missing verse which includes a penetrating analysis of dialetical materialism and the class struggle, which SAW censored as it might give the proles ideas.

So, there you go Kit, hope this helps. Oh BTW: I do actually like Confide in Me and have been known to dance to it. Well, the blogs are quiet and it is amazing what what you can confess to and nobody will really notice or care.

Yeah and Kylie has a great arse as well!