Thursday, October 05, 2006

Random Thursday pick of the posts .

Hmmm, it is quiet on the blogs. A few posts though have caught my eye.

Jim 'Chuckles' Denham has found a limerick that he said brought Will to mind.
Will, seems you may have another friend.

Lenny , instead of his usual long essays has posted pics on his blog of London (minus demonstrators !).

Limericks, photos and of course Will and his cookery , where is the serious political and philosophical debate ? Ah for that we have Comrade Newman and his long running spat with Lenny . The origins of this go back a few months , but no trace remains as haloscan ate the comments on Osler's site.
Talking of Dave, there is an interesting debate in the comments box on his Respect post.

I notice Jim Jam has reached (and passed) his 100th post. I like his blog, but for some reason I always think I should be sitting down with a nice cup of tea and digestive while I read it.

David Broder has made some good points re Jack Straw and his comments about the veil.

Update : Pic of Courtney in ripped fishnets to cheer up Osler and to make up for laughing at his misfortune(see post above).

Another update : Thought Janine did a good post on the veil debate .