Saturday, October 07, 2006

Feminism and me

Belledame222 from Fetch me my axe has tagged us at Team Stroppyblog regarding 5 things feminism has done for us and taught us. Well, I was having a think about that while in the bath (after writing the previously long post… exhausting ya know).

These are my 5.........

1. That because of feminism I have met some wonderful and strong women who are still good friends.

2. How the women’s liberation movement heightened awareness about women’s oppression and politicised me as a young woman. And the demands made by feminists in the 1970s are still important and relevant to women’s lives today.

3. That some of my fondest memories of campaign work was working alongside and organising with women in fighting the Alton bill during 1987. Active as well in Labour Party Women’s Section as a teenager which also influenced my socialist feminism.

4. Sex! Sex! And Sex… To enjoy it on our own terms…

5. Feminism and socialism are compatible. To think otherwise is nonsense.

I tag Sophie from Volsunga and Sappho as well.