Monday, October 16, 2006

The Class Club

I was emailed this by an old work colleague inviting me to this event. She has bought tickets for the 23rd of December (incidentially, that day is my birthday. Not like I am hinting or anything..!!). It sounds like a laugh, though I have no idea what type of tickets she has bought. Probably being a class warrior she has gone for the lower class ones. Personally, I would have gone petit-bourgeois.

Well, as it is my birthday I may still "upgrade myself" and go all ruling class for the evening. I will wave at her while she's sitting at the lower tables supping on watery soup. While I will be dining on food reminiscent of Mrs Beaton, bubbly, game pie (do they have a veggie option?) and figgy pudding (whaaat?).

Oh I say, what a spiffing good idea and what rollicking good fun. Oh yeah, you have to dress like your chosen social class. Now, where did I put that monocle? And whom did I lend my best peach taffeta dress to along with pearls...? Must get it back. Goes great with the monocle.

Tut! Tut! ! I know, bloody 'ell, am coming over all false class consciousness for the evening. Bite me!