Thursday, October 19, 2006

Fewer people entering higher education

This article is stating the bleeding obvious and it isn’t that surprising. I mean, what do New Labour expect if they introduce so many blinking obstacles for people entering higher education? It is estimated that 15,000 fewer students have started university this year. Frankly, who can blame them? And funnily enough, it is reckoned that the £3,000 fee has deterred people.

“However, ministers said the 15,000 drop, to 389,505, did not represent a collapse but a "strong performance"".

Well, that ingenuous bit of spin has confused me. Wow, only New Labour can turn a negative into a positive! But it aint clever or smart just makes them look pretty stupid. Nil point and an "F" for failing working class people from entering higher education.

Here are some figures for you statistically minded people

Average student debt increased from £2,212 in 1992 to £13,501 in 2005 and is predicted to reach £20,000 for entrants in 2006.

In 1992 only a third of students owed money. Now 90% are in debt. (Barclay’s Student Survey 2003/ Universities UK, ‘HE Students’ Attitudes to Debt and Term-Time Working’, November 2005)

83% of students who work do so to cover the cost of basic essentials. (Universities UK, ‘HE Students’ Attitudes to Debt and Term-Time Working’, November 2005)

By the way, anyone thinking of becoming a student in 2023 ‘cos it’s always good to plan ahead, it is estimated that graduate debt will be around £44,000.

Mmmm. I wonder if my pension will still exist? I wonder if any public services will exist in 2023? I wonder if Eastenders will still be on telly...?

Anyway, just why would anyone contemplate higher education?