Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Dr Who spin-off Torchwood

I know, I know, but I do need my Dr Who fix and can't go completely "cold turkey". So...Oh Joy, the lovely Captain Jack Harkness, the only bisexual time traveller in town is leading the spin-off from Dr Who, Torchwood. Watched some of it and got bored. Actually, I fell asleep even the adorable Captain Jack couldn't keep me awake. It didn't have the same wit or humour as Dr Who nor a slick script. Damn shame really. I have sleep walked over to the 'puter to write this review. Well, some of it as I didn't catch the ending. Well, to be honest I think I caught the first 30 minutes before my snoring woke me up.

If anyone out there did see the ending, what exactly happened..? Did the script improve? Was there more action/adventure? Oh and did Captain Jack keep his clothes on this time...??