Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Lobby of Parliament organised by Abortion Rights/NUS Women's Campaign

Lobby of Parliament 22 Novermber
11am — 4pm Briefings in Room S Portcullis House

On 23rd October MPs will enter a ballot to determine which twenty can propose a Private Members Bill on a subject of their choosing. We know that anti-choice MPs are already planning to propose legislation to restrict women’s abortion rights if they get the opportunity.
Abortion Rights and the NUS Women’s Campaign have organised this lobby of parliament to give pro-choice supporters the opportunity to talk face to face with their MPs ahead of the Ballot.

It is important that MPs hear why later abortion is crucial to the few women who need it; to expose the anti-choice myths that are dominating the debate; and to let MPs know that, contrary to the anti-choice lobby’s assertion, there is no consensus on reducing the time limit for abortion.

People are encouraged to write to their MP in advance to request a meeting on the 22nd.
Briefings, advice and information will be on hand in room S of Portcullis House opposite the Palace of Westminster, to help prepare you for your meeting.

Please email us at to let us know if you can attend.