Friday, November 10, 2006

"I'm an arsey blogger, get me out of here"

I noticed in the BBC news site that there is another series starting of "I'm a celebrity get me out of here". Judging by the line up its a very loose definition of the word celebrity , but it did get me thinking of an alternative version, more political. Who would I like to see in the jungle having to eat bugs and put their hands in nests of snakes and creepy crawlies. Who would it be amusing, in my slightly sick version, to put together to bicker.

So, any suggestions for "I'm an arsey blogger, get me out of here".

I'll start :

Will . Bound to argue with most people , but does appear to be able to cook.
People that Will particularly hates ...Graham from HP, Lenny and Ed. Sure there are many many more.
Volty . Quite argumentative of late here and on Osler's. One of our favourites, so he can have a nice tent to himself.
Paddy . We can all vote for him to do lots of icky things.
Jim D . He can bring the drink, poodle's (are they hunting dogs perhaps ) and sit ranting.
Louise, she can argue about trot groups in Brum with Jim D.
Osler, just because he would hate it. Also he is being so cheery and upbeat at the moment I'm sure he would be an asset in building a positive team spirit :-)
Kit , who could listen to Jim D, Louise and Osler talk about the good old days of the 80's and how trots aren't what they used to be.

I suppose if we want to up the ratings with some degeneracy then the Unison lot should be there.
Oh and if I can throw in some non bloggers, how about Yvonne Ridley and Gorgeous George, specially for Jim D .

Any other suggestions...