Sunday, November 12, 2006

Kylie is back

Time for a light post ‘cos they don’t call me chuckles for nowt.

I haven’t mentioned Kylie for ages and just wanted to say welcome back Neighbours One (she’s touring now). Also, it is a treat for the Young “don’t cheek your elders" Kitster ‘cos he’s her biggest fan as he can’t get her out of his head. Not like I am a big Kylie fan or anything as I should be so lucky. I mean, I’m listening to the Sugababes writing this. No cheeky comments please.

She was in Sydney last night and duetted with Bono on the song Kids. Bono? Why Bono? He is the biggest wanker on the planet next to Sting. I know it may be the case of better the devil you know but Bono?! So Kylie, if you ever feel the need to you can confide in me......

Any Bono and/or Sting fans who feel offended and traumatised by this post. One word. Good.