Thursday, November 02, 2006

The rise and rise of the DVD box set

As a seasoned telly addict I was interested in this piece by Mark Lawson about the phenomenon that is the DVD box set. Now, I don’t own a DVD nor a swanky telly The one I own has piss-poor reception (like watching a snow storm) with the exception of Channel 5 obviously it too likes CSI but with a clear picture…

The gadgets I own are firmly rooted in the 20th century as opposed to the 21st. I don’t have cable either (cue the sound of violins…). It seems that instead of having to wait for your fave programme to appear on E4, More 4, C4, Crap 4 and so on, people just wait until the box set appears and watch the lot, usually, in one sitting. People organise nights in with mates/loved ones/family (delete which is not applicable) devoted to watching their fave show. If anyone is considering having a “Sopranos night” send me an invite … please. Please!

Btw: the biggest selling disc of any kind over the past 3 months has been… The West Wing. Box sets are becoming a big money spinner and especially so with the Festive Season coming up. So here is my wish list for Dear Old Comrade Claus:

DVD player (I have to get off my lazy arse and buy one)
Flat screen 50” high definition digital plasma telly (dream on lady…)
Box sets of the Sopranos (it gonna be ages for it to hit Channel 4) Dr Who, and CSI: Las Vegas ‘cos it’s better than the other two.