Tuesday, December 05, 2006

American Imperialism goes into space ?

Report on the BBC news page :

US space agency Nasa has said it plans to start work on a permanently-occupied base on the Moon after astronauts begin flying back there in 2020.
The base is likely to be built on one of the Moon's poles and will serve as a science centre and possible stepping stone for manned missions to Mars.
The US has already said it plans to build a new lunar spacecraft to succeed the last Apollo mission in 1972.
Funds will be moved from space shuttle flights, due to be scrapped in 2010.

Wonder if they will find the WMDs up there ?
Is it imperialism?
Will they find aliens and are they aliens if its their own planet ? Or are the Americans aliens?
Will they find people like the ones on the 'smash' advert?
Perhaps the Borg really exist and will 'assimilate' the earthlings.
I liked seven of nine(see pic), but she became a bit to human. (Star Trek references )

I have a bad cold btw and taken lots of remedies (recommended by Louise , as they have interesting side effects). I may be talking more nonsense than usual.

I think I need to take to my bed ...