Monday, December 04, 2006

Greatest living icon....

BBC are doing this greatest living icon of all time and you get to choose from:

Paul McCartney
David Attenborough

Look, if you don't like the top 3 then complain to the BBC. No women in the list, funny that.
I just voted and as it was a private ballot I am not telling you which way I voted.
Ok, Ok, I voted for........ Morrissey. Yes you heard, Morrissey!

I adored The Smiths and bought all their LPs and singles. Nowt like Hatful of Hollow to wile away the hours as a miserable and misunderstood teenager ("I was happy in the haze of a drunken hour/But heaven knows I am miserable now"). Morrissey knew how I felt and I could relate to his lyrics. How I wished I could have escaped from the confines of Birmingham to Manchester. I used to sing at the top of my voice, "I am human and I need to be loved/just like everyone else", which at that point my older sister would shout at the top of her voice, "Shut-up"!! Christ, she should talk as she was a Whitesnake fan (double ugh!!)

The Morrissey and Marr combo, who could beat them. I mean, that guitar riff at the start to This Charming Man still blows me away. The LP and single covers were so cool as they included Alain Delon, Elsie Tanner aka Pat Phoenix, Diana Dors, Shelagh Delaney and Charles Hawtrey

And I spent many a happy hour in my bedroom when I was 14 trying to recreate This Charming Man on my own guitar along with the upbeat intro. to the seminally depressing Love Will Tear Us Apart (Ok, I was a Joy Division fan as well..). By the way, did I say I was depressed? I ditched the guitar practice for Trotskyism when I was 15.....

Morrissey went down hill as far I am concerned after The Smiths broke up. Christ, even David "yoof" Cameron named This Charming Man as one of his favourite tunes on Desert Island Discs ("Noooooooo"! I shrieked).

It makes me want to listen to How Soon is Now (12inch version). The intro. was sampled so well by SoHo's Hippychick way back in mists of time that was 1990......

Ok, I have finished my in defence of Morrissey/The Smiths. You can all come back in now....