Thursday, November 30, 2006

JJB Sports boss sacks strike leader....

Unbelievable…. Rich capitalist vindictive tosser , David Whelan (he of JJB Sports) has taken the decision to sack the GMB steward and strike leader, Chris Riley.

The GMB is accusing JJB Sports of reneging on a “no-victimising” clause in a deal which ended strike action over pay this month. Riley, was fired on Tuesday for “gross misconduct” and Whelan had his muddy paw prints all over the sacking. If he is not reinstated then there will be an all-out stoppage at the company’s main warehouse in Wigan. Whelan refutes any agreement on victimisation was ever agreed in the first place.

Sandra Blight from the GMB says: “GMB members at JJB Sports are very angry at this latest turn of events .This is the second time in these talks that Mr Whelan has scuppered negotiations between Mr Knight and GMB. GMB members will not stand idly by and allow multi millionaire Mr Whelan to victimise their Shop Steward Chris Riley”.

Oh and no comment was forthcoming from that scabby company. Wonder why..?

Reinstate Chris Riley!

Update: Check this blog as it tells you how you can show your support for the reinstatement of Chris Riley