Thursday, November 23, 2006

Tory Tossers

Ok, I realise that the title of this post is stating the obvious, but I have just seen the bright new idea from the Cameronies.

Now over at Osler's site he mentions that business is feeling unloved, even by the Tories. Wonder what they will make of this. Its telling people to be sensible with their spending.

Its going to come up with tips on how to take responsibility for debt and other issues. It also wants ideas on what to tackle next. Anyone want to help them out there.

Apparently getting into debt, loans sharks etc is not down to capitalism but the fact we all have an 'inner tosser'. Hmm, that should go down well with the home counties blue rinse brigade.

Of course it seems prudence with the money doesn't apply to the Shadow Chancellor,who has splashed the cash courtesy of having a trust fund, on a new pad in Notting Hill.

I must admit the site is beyond parody. There is talk of bling, 'crumpet' and someone grabbing their crotch a la Michael Jackson. Ewww.

It makes webcameron and hug a hoodie seem positively old skool Tory .

As they say in the Tories check out the stuff here dude ...

Hat tip : Harry's Place