Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Film director Robert Altman has died...

Well, another Hollywood Great has died and this time it is director Robert Altman. He was 81. He directed classics such as MASH and later in his career films such Short Cuts and Pret-a-Porter. Though my favourite has to be The Player, it has more Hollywood stars than you can shake a stick at (and they gave their services for free....), loaded with insider jokes but the script is a tongue-in-cheek attack on Hollywood and Tim Robbins is exceptional as slimy studio exective Griffin Mill. Altman was up for Best Director Oscar but lost which was a great shame. You obviously don't get awards for biting the hand that feeds you!!It is a great film nonetheless.

Altman film career was kinda uneven and idiosyncratic. He did direct some crud and I have to admit that I like Short Cuts but it coulda done with better editing and slicing at least 60mins off the end product. But with Gosford Park Altman returned to form with great direction, camera work and the ensemble cast. Though I was terribly disappointed when Clive Owen took off to shirt and revealed he was wearing a .....vest!