Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Queen's Speech devoted to law and order

I can see myself in years to come talking to my fictitious kids or grandkids and explaining to them when they ask me.... "What are civil liberties"?

No surprises then in the Queen’s Speech as it was devoted to crime, anti-social behaviour and terrorism. Though there was something on pensions regarding restoring the link between earnings and giving women more access to the state pension. The age of retirement age may be increased from 65 to 68. I waiting for it to be "work until you drop". Retirement? Ha!

But it also included nasties such as moves to strengthen border controls, prevent anyone deemed "illegal" working and push ahead with ID cards. Oh and there are renewed talks about pushing the detention of terrorism suspects from 28 days to up to 90 days. Hark! A continuation of the erosion of civil liberties....

Oh and this will please the Royal College of Psychiatrists. Not. An amendment from the abandoned Mental Health Bill is likely to permit people with severe personality disorders to be given compulsory detention and treatment.

Haven't had much time to have a real look at what's coming up so have included the edited highlights so please feel free to talk amongst yourselves......