Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Blair the biggest delinquent on the block....

A team of supernannies are to be parachuted into deprived areas to help parents control their anti-social offspring. Areas, which have high teenage pregnancies, truancy and “unruly behaviour”. Blair explains why he is doing in this in that liberal super sensitive newspaper, the Sun (yes, yes, a pinch of sarcasm).

He says: Life isn’t normal if you’ve got 12- year- olds out every night drinking and creating a nuisance on the street without their parents knowing or caring”. And this coming from the biggest middle-aged delinquent of all time…..

So, are we talking about middle class fears of unruly and out-of-control proles?

Hey I wonder, does that include Blair’s no. 1 son who was found face down pissed in a gutter a couple of years ago? I suppose that incident is more of “youthful exuberance” as opposed to “unruly behaviour”!!

What narks me about these bloody daft proposals is that they are not coming from a standpoint, which tries to understand why this is happening and not demonising hoodie-wearing teenagers. Is this a new social phenomenon? Are kids out of control? I mean, haven’t people been moaning and groaning about teenagers such the dawn of time?

Is it me or are these proposals utterly patronising? It just seems more of the same from the authoritarian Blairite agenda.

As Paul Cavadino from Nacro sensibly says: “Parents need support not punitive actions”. What about tackling poverty, improving wages, housing, more green spaces and places teenagers can actually socialise?

But coming from a socialist feminist standpoint I would also argue that the nature of the family is oppressive under patriarchal capitalism and that it does straightjacket people but that deserves a fuller theoretical post some other time (and I can’t be bothered as my brain is not functioning today..)

I was a hoping a taskforce of supernannies could be sent to deal with an “unruly” prime minister along with his spineless badly behaved chums. Yes, I can just imagine it, Queen of Supernannies, Jo Frost (from that Channel 4 programme) ordering Blair, Reid and Brown into the naughty corner and if they kick up a fuss then it is 5 extra minutes with no backchat!! And after they have calmed down and become more manageable she will ask them to apologise for being a bunch of anti-social bullying war mongers. And if they don’t do what they are told then it is straight back into the naughty corner with a kick to see them on their way.