Sunday, November 19, 2006

Teenager usurps Banksy as king of the graffiti artists....

This item on was on London news tonight and it is a hoot! Give this teenager a commission. He deserves it as he gave those snooty snotty starchy snobs at the British Museum a run for their money (I worked at the British Library when it was still based in the British Museum... 'nuff said!)

"Cartrain" produced a plate and sneaked it into the British Museum as a piece of antiquity called Nike Footware. The accompanying information estimated the plate to "be from 2800 BC" and was "made for pennies and sold for pounds". And it was not created by the artist Bankyimus Maximus but Cartrain. The British Museum argued that they spotted the plate in hours yet Cartrain maintains that when he returned 3 days later the plate was still hanging.

Rock 'n' roll Cartrain!

I hope someone just someone or anyone pulls a similar stunt for the Turner Prize. That load of pompous and prententious balderdash that takes place in early December, which gives art a bad name. It deserves to be lampooned and satirised especially those artless, arrogant fools who judge it (....and I have worked with some of them 'nuff said!)