Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Strange goings on in the blogosphere !

Hmmm. Just had a look at the blog stats and found a very odd thing.
I found a link from Dave's site to Stroppy. But it was not the usual Dave or Stroppy site .

Check out the sites :

I then clicked on some of the links and found various bloggers have changed sex overnight !

Paul is Paula, Dave is Dawn and Davida . Funnily enough Stroppy is still bird and Louise still Louise .

Both Jims are now Jill. Jon is now Joyce .

Best one though is Will is Wilma. Though Andy as Andrea , Mistress of Ceremionies has quite a ring to it. Makes me think of riding crops for some reason...

This seems to be the home page

So anyone know anymore, is this an evil plot by Wilma perhaps ;-)