Monday, November 27, 2006

Harriet Harman: desperately seeking deputy leadership

Oh dear, poor 'ickle Harriet Harman is desperate to show she is a heavyweight contender for deputy leader that she commissioned her own poll. YouGov found that 15% of voters would be inclined to vote Labour if she succeeded John Prescott. Non-entity Hilary Benn was second in the pecking order with 12%.

None of the other candidates - Hazel Blears, Peter Hain, John Cruddas and Alan Johnson - were favoured by more than 10% of the voters.

"It is understood that Ms Harman commissioned the poll to confirm her belief that she was best placed to bolster Labour's fortunes at the next election". If the findings had been against her she would have "reflected" on the matter.

I mean, come off it, she commissioned her own "independent" (ha!) poll. That just smacks of utter desperation. She is like the rest of the Blairites. Spineless, opportunistic and cynical. She is rubbish like the rest of 'em.