Thursday, November 23, 2006

Sex toys are a coming on a telly near you...

Well, I can just imagine Shocked from Surrey choking on their mug of coco when viewing this commercial from tomorrow night.

Picture the scene, woman with bloke (why so hetero?) and he slips her something hard and pleasurable.
…. Indeed a gift-wrapped box with a sex toy inside and not your usual engagement rock. The woman exclaims, ‘I do…’

Well, it gives a whole new meaning to ‘I do’ doesn’t it? Who needs a diamond ring when you can have a penis ring, which vibrates? Hell, I would say ‘I do’ amongst other things as well and I don't believe in marriage....

These commercials can be seen on Channel 4 and 5 after 11pm (I am staying up well past my bedtime the rebel I am…). By the way, the sex toys are made by Durex.

Rock on Durex!

I wonder if they will sell them in the machines in the toilets? Just a thought.....