Monday, January 08, 2007

House of Lords debate Mental Health Bill

The House of Lords today will be considering proposals regarding the new draconian Mental Health Bill.

Health Minister Rose Winterton argues: "We have made it very clear in the bill that appropriate treatment has to be available for detention to take place”.

But now with the “Minority Report” style proposals, New Labour are gearing up to lock people up labelled with personality disorders who haven’t committed any offence even though it is considered untreatable. Whether it is deemed "treatable" or "untreatable" the idea of locking people up 'cos of a label is repressive beyond belief.

These proposals are not going down a treat with that bastion of radicalism (not!), The Royal College of Psychiatrists.

El presidente, Professor Sheila Hollins argues:

"I think the idea that somehow this bill is going to prevent homicides and violent assaults is a mistake. In some ways there is a possibility that by increasing stigma associated with mental illness we will actually deter people from coming forward."

Around 50 Labour MPs have signalled their intention to oppose the Bill in Parliament.

Update: Lords reject mental health plans